Thank you,, the Lt. commander that I am looking for was on his last few months in April, May and maybe June 1968 he probably was stationed in A SHAU VALLEY AT THE TIME HE WAS OVER THE 2ND PLATOON, C. COMPANY 5/7TH CAVALRY ,2ND SQUADRON. I served with B Troop 1/17th Cav 82nd Airborne Div in Viet Nam 1968-1969. Outstanding! His name was Weldon Wiladay Reagor Jr. I was stationed in Quang Tri/Dong Ha from 1969-1970. "Sixième discours: sur la nature de l'homme," Sept Discours en Vers sur l'Homme (1738) Une seule partie de la physique occupe la vie de plusieurs hommes, et les laisse souvent mourir dans l'incertitude. He was tall with black/brown hair and brown eyes, knows as a real ladies man and very smooth talker. I was in Vietnam from Jan. 5, 1968 to Feb. 9, 1969, MACV Advisory Team 95, Train Compound. Thanks Sgt Richard Guyote. Phone number is 404-277-8147. Check out of my trip. My Mother-in-law practically raised him and I would love to be able to tell her anything you may remember. I know he was in Artillery. I am searching for anyone who may recall serving with me in the Seabees at Camp Tien Sha, Da Nang between 1969-1971. I was with A-Battery 1Bn. I am the daughter of a Vietnam Marine he was a Lance Corporal who is still living. I was a combat MP that escorted Convoys through that same pass in 1970. Anna. My 2nd tour was in 1970 w/ A batt 69 ARTY (SEARCH LIGHTS) Attached to MAC V 5 SPECIAL FORCES MEGONG DELTA. I, too, think that this gallery (and probably the real horror pix you have and didn't publish here) ought to be made into a book, lest another generation forgets just how unglorious killing really is. I am the daughter of Dennis N. Sinka. Enjoyed every minute and will return. To all who served our country THANK YOU! I went to Viet Nam in Feb. 1968, with the 82nd Abn. I’m looking for Walter E Jackson, jr. Jet engine mechanic in USAF 1967 - 1971. But also need a favor from anyone . A pleasure to come back to again and again. He appears to be only one of two casualties of his unit, one in July, and his in October. Nice photos. I AM TRYING TO LOCATE A FRIEND BY THE NAME OF LYNDA K. JACOBSEN - SHE WAS IN VIETNAM IN 1969. Very nice, Richard. Im trying to find informatin about my father in law Stephen alan Johnson. Rich, I think the photographer you are thinking of is David Nafziger. I like seeing the photos posted and comments. He served 66-68 25th Infantry Divison 65th Combat Engineer battalion Charlie Company. He is from Kentucky he is an ex bronco/brama rider, and he had an English wife from Ipswich UK. When I was young I was in a children's home which I escaped from. His military records were burned along with some 16 to 18 million others. If anyone can give me any please, e-mail me, LYNN WALKER Viet Man Vet 12/67-12/68 want to hear from anyone in B Battery 29 Art. My Father never spoke of this war. I served in Vietnam from Nov 1967 to Jun 1968 with HQ & HQ Company, 11th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division in Duc Pho. i have a zippo lighter...with the inscription "if god made anything better than pussy he kept it for himself....................1968-1969............would like to trace the owner. I'm a victim of the communist and the by product of the regime "boat people". If you happen to have any pictures of him while he was over there, can you post them on this web site? in 1969 and 1970. My email is Another time and place,but the same American persecution of the innocents as Iraq today. was written up for the bronze star on oct 13th 1969. however it never happened . At that time I was only 4 years old. WEBSITE: Hello I recently came across 200+ slides taken on the Mekong Delta. Sgt. Was first with 199th light infantry then a senior advisor for macv. You are an amazing photographer. he was much loved & missed. also at red beach danang with steven boglia kia contact me, walter faulk usmc Vietnam 69-70 flc flsg-b trk co dong ha-quang tri like to hear from anyone that was there, My email address didn't post...its Hi Richard, You have a great Gallery here. My husband served in Da Nang,Vietnam in 1969&70,USAF 600th photo processing,If anyone is out there that was there around or during that time Please contact me at my e-mail address. showed the world that small nation can defeat and empire/. 7th marines . Dans l'esprit général, Richard Anthony n'est qu'un copieur de tubes américains et un chanteur has been. Hooper and Commanding Officer Capt. I was in Danang I believe around 66-67. ande worked with the bird dog planes as a mechanic. If anyone is interested in an organization founded by Vietnam Vets check us out at and see what this grass roots charity is up to. Killed Sept. 1969 He was also In the 4th Engineers . Jerry Scozzari. If anyone remembers him I am his son. God bless you all. Their Motto was called: Hell on Wheels. So if you wherethere please email me ... To DOC. The main road between Plekiu, Kontum and Dak To. Very moving images. I was stationed with the 25th Supply & transit. I am now 37 years old and would love to have just one picture of him over there, it would mean the world to me to understand his life struggle to come to terms with what this war did to him! He spoke of being near the Mekong Delta. He lost his photo album years ago and he still talks about how important those pictures were to him. He passed away back in sept 09. He has blond hair and eyes that are dark brown,and also a little bit of freckels. Voted. Served with the 572nd light equipment and the 116th combat engineer battalion from 69-70. Voted! E5. I'm now 65 years old & thru meeting my vietnam buddy, who was there with me on those operation, i'm finally coming to terms with what i know now is PTSD. I'm looking for my uncle, Mr.Gerald Venugopal from Malaysia who served US Army late 1960's. Welcome home bro! I was in the 563rd trans and traveled from Long Bien to Qui Nhon to Pleiku back to Long Bien and your pictures of the Vien Nam maid, kids, taxi etc. His military files had alot marked out thought I was on the X-Files. Thank you. Voici 5 façons d'y parvenir ! These pics are excellent! Please help me if you can, thank you, complimenti per le foto, i tui colleghi sono morti per un causa! Our family doesn't know the details of what happened to him. Thank you, sincerely, for sharing! If anyone knew him, Pleas contact me. i was in nam in 1967/1968 with 4th div avation company A, flew as a crew chief/door gunner, and on a night hawk helicopter, would like to hear from anyone from co. A that was there at the same time,we flew around plieku,dak to,chu lie, and some around cambodie/laios border, the night hawk helicopter flew at night with a 1000000000 candlelight spot light on it,i was the crew chief on a sniffer helcopter for a while, these chopper were al uh-i huewys,you can contact me at, Looking for John P. Hudson was with 11th infantry brigade, Americal Div assigned to Vietnam 1968. Lost friends, macv 25 th infantry bien hua. Powerful and symbolic. His name is Edwin W Williams he had a injury from a tank. Thank you, i am also the god of the land at this point supposively and i am proud of my dad hes the general and i will be to that means something you know or you dont know. Great gallery. Bernie shron from Ft. wish i could give you more votes for this great document! Never could talk about it with anyone til my buddy called me. I am Lcpl Hunter Worthington medically discharged U.S.M.C. I have been listed in the core 17 years. Wonderful gallery, so much feeling and stories that are being told in the shots. iam looking 4 info on my father phillip r anderson he did 2 tours in vn he was 3rd marine cag the goverment has not any records on his milltary tours they only have that he was in the war but will not give any more detail he was shot and spent time in camron bay vn in country for 6 weeks he relly needs those records to get va help they will not up his diasibalty at all his missions over there were in reg marines and then swicth to cag 3rd marine divison now that he did his missions for our country it would seem that the millatery should honon my father with at least his records he now has lost a leg and can not find any info to help his va disabillaty im not sure y im telling u all this unless u might be able to send me in some other direction that might help me to help my father . Thanks for helping me remember. did anyone make it back alive . Appreciate it if you have any info or remember us. He went by the nickname of Buzz by our family but would not know if he would have gone by that while he served. Went on Patrol with the 1Bn, 2/327th Alpha Co. 71' Two weeks later we ended up in Phu Bai and were on our way for an R&R at China Beach.. Three of us were from the arty and the rest Grunts.. My name is Kay Torkkola and my husband Charles (Chuck) J. Torkkola from Eveleth, MN was at Dong Tam in the Mekong Delta from November 1967 to November 1968. I was in the third battalion MP's in DaNang. A very nice gallery of the past ,very interesting and done well. Please respond if any of this information describes your situation. Catégories : États-Unis, Justice•Ã‰tiquettes : Bruce Castor, David Schoen, Donald Trump, Jamie Raskin•. Graet memory I, was only 19 when sent down there to nam. Monte. Dennis A. Smith Sr. Dennis did die of Agent Orange. It's a part of American history I saw through the tv set here in the UK but remember only too well! Thanks for your wonderful photos! I'm looking for information regarding death of PFC Arthur Mitchell Downs, African American casualty in South Vietnam on October 17, 1966. On September 11th 1969 he was the first medic on the hill he received a bronze for his bravery I am very proud of him. Thank you, I am looking for a black vietnam vet from philly name James Jones who served with my brother in the 3rd Marine amtrack batallion in 1969. i was in VN in 68. The hook was used to pick up pontoons for float bridges. Jordon, Contact me if you read this. I WAS WITH THE 5TH BATALLION 42ND ARTILLERY B BATTERY IN 1968 AT BEAR CAT VIETNAM, DTROOP 1/9 CALVARY- DID ANYONE KNOW VINCENT MARCIANO NICKNAMED "ROCKY" WOULD LIKE ANY INFO ON HIM E MAIL ME AT LJI.JEWELERS@GMAIL.COM, Hi my name is Dat Nguyen, nick name Rin. I was stationed in Don Tam 1970 and was there when the ammo supply got hit. Excellent gallery. She visited me there for new years weekend 1967-1968. YOU COULD WRITE A BOOK FROM THEM. I believe one of them had the last name Mabes. I would love to talk with you again, its been a long time!! Voted, of course. looking for anyone who might of known isamel ruiz station in phu cat or phu bai,don't know battilion or battery.nam 68-69 was over run got hit by mortars knock out dragged by nva reconized it wasn't there own,left him there article in either stars and stripes or i believe newspaper called,they called him wrony way ruiz,story about incident.trying to locate anyone about brother is now deceased,heart attack 2008. semper fi, doug. Our CO was Capt. I found his photo gallery of a Vietnam Resources site and want to thank him for taking the pictures of our crew evaluating, then working on the aircraft to return it to service. Both the US and my country, Australia, did not learn from Viet Nam, and now have the debacle in Iraq. .Vote. It received my 100% total and permanent disability 1 year after submitting all the paperwork. Today I posted the followingon Woody's web for 3/187. it would had to affect him and me.i have dyane sydome learing diaplity and balance problems. You have allowed me to see a glimse of what my husband saw when he served in Viet Nam. i was in co. c 1/46 196-198 americal div sept 69-sept 70 we operated on and around lz professional judy mary ann and was in que-son valley if anyone needs info i will try to help call 704-782-7716 my nick name was pinky i am from n.c thanks. That's all I know off the top of my head. My dad served in Vietnam 68-69 mostly in Cu Chi i think. Looking for USMC PFC David Reed who was at Marine Fire Base An Hoa in 1968. Our Father served in NAM , He was stationed in Camp Pendelton from 1966 to 1969 . I am fine now. Later was transferred over to Nakon Phanom Thailand, I am trying to find my email box to get access to these pictures. We travelled up and down the county and entertained troops on US bases. THIRD MARINEAS 1969. Looking for Navy docs that served @ 1st Med Batt in 1967. I guess we all are getting old. I would very much appreciate any information concerning my husbands stay in the war, as well as Whitey! it wasnt to for from camp jerome,because we went back there everyday to tear it down.i was a combat engineer an will always be one,rich the pictures really brought back e-mail is down now but my wifes isnt cookdeb.farris@gmail,com if someone knows the name of the camp please e-mail me. Glad you dug them out for us to see. He had a girlfriend that was vietnamese and her name was Hong (rose) she was 20 and he was maybe 22 years of age. Desperately need info about your training, job and service experiences. please contact me. Richard, you have a great collection of photos displayed here. Served with "Buddy" Jewell (Warren Jewell, Jr) flight school 1967 in Vietnam 68-69. Despite serious injury my life has been blessed and I thank God and all those medical professionals who helped me get my life back. Last known place of residence was cambridge, Md. Lets all take the time to say a prayer for all that served and has yet to overcome. Submit any photo you have so your loved one is represented on the new photo wall. We were good friends but I lost track of him. sgt.George John Anderson kia 2 july 1968 pleiku prov 2nd bat.mech infantry 3rd platoon.spoke of sgt wholecheese and fontano. My dad passes in 93 & I would love look up this book, if you know steve durish please contact me at, im searching for anyone who served with steve durish of beaver falls pa i believe he was with the 3rd marines3rd engineer batalion. I'd love to make contact. incredible & excellent gallery ,thanks for sharing. Thanks very much for sharing with us. He died in the VA in Atlanta but they "do not have his records" neither does the Archives. I was with Alpha Company , 1st. SEMPER FI MARINES. I feel peacefull in war through your photos. 7TH MARINES 1969-70. Anyone during that time period can contact me at Fantastic work! nice pictures. Thanks for the photos and thanks to those who have posted below and thanks to those who served in that far away place so long ago. Please email if you have the info. Thank you very much for your posting this and your service to this country. Looking for anyone & everyone who served with the 155th TC (TS) in Cam Ranh Bay 1966 -1967. Hello to all. Need confirmation of boots on ground for VA benefits. I WAS WITH GOLF CO 2/7 7TH MARINES 1ST MARINE DIVISION. I saw one of her friends and was told my son was born in Sept. 1968. My life experiences and gray hairs as proof have taught me one thing; when good men do nothing, evil flourishes. I am looking for photos of my dad from August 1968-1969. Really brought back some good and some bad memories.I was at Dong Ha for aprox 3 mo. The first one gives me the chills. You were talented even as a youngster! My Name is Bill Esser I was in Viet Nam 69/70 stationed at Vandergrift. If anyone knew him, I would love hearing from you. He’s mentioned a couple names of his friends he served with but I can’t remember right off who they were. To the brave boys of the YFU-24 (can do)who helped build Seafloat,Song Ong Doc, Ha Tien,and still have time for Anthoi. 2212 Chamberlain Ave Chattanooga Tn 37404 STAY WELL!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing these....really brought back some memories. CALL ME ANYTIME . Your talent for photography obviously started a long time ago Richard. AS I AND THIS VERY LONG LETTER, I WRITE IT WITH TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY EYES, BECAUSE AFTER 50 YEARS, JUSTICE HAS STILL NOT BEEN SERVED FOR THE VIETNAM VETERAN. I WAS IN VIETNAM FROM JAN 11,68 UNTIL MAR 25,69, WITH THE 6/14TH ARTILLERY, BASE CAMP WAS AT PLEIKU. I WAS WITH Dco1/3 got hit on may 5 1968 any one who was thear please get ahold of me i need ans. Thank you. If anyone remember the ship being there I would be grateful for an e-mail. Also a gallery of blk n wht digital of course...cheers. and a Boworski with a pet parrot. One of the best I've seen on Pbase! Thanks so much. Also SP4 Jon Behrens who was wounded and from Genoa City, WI. Looking for proof that he was in Viet Nam. Wanted to add that you and Maciej are huge inspirasions . Anyone with information please contact me at Bien sûr, Donald Trump aura été l’exception à la règle. I was in vietnam 68-69 around Dian, Water plant, mekong delta 2/18th 1st Inf. Co. 1970 from January to December. My Address is 1399 Onion Creek Road, Colville, WA .99114-9648 send replies to K. Kenyon . I wasn't born...). i am looking for one friend his name is F.L. the only knowledge I have of this war is what I have been taught at school in history... and all teh movies and series such as Platoon, Hamburger Hill, and Tour of Duty. If you have any information or pictures, please email me at i understand it was a big braking point in his life when he went. Thanks. Great photos, when my sister returned from Iraq she had a lot of pictures. Retrouvez les prévisions météo à 15 jours en région ☁ ☂ ☼ en accédant à notre carte listant l'ensemble des régions (Métropole et Ultramarines). He was in the "Mini-Tet" during that time. He was a captain I think and had a jeep with Ronny painted on front for my mom. Need info ASAP. Before the brigaide there were engineers that build the bridges for them. his hometown was Indianapolis,thanks. My name is Dan Cartwright I was with the 9th inf. My name is TIFFANY THUAN LE - I was born on August 4th, 1971 in KIEN THIET, THU DUC (SOUTH VIETNAM). I am so glad to have found it again, as well as your other work. looking for a buddy of mine, we were in 4th cag together up north 69-70 around dmz villages around that area, his name is Able Torres, he name his 1st boy after me. It leaves me speechless. Et je ne l’ai pas dit à beaucoup de monde dans ma vie. A very valuable social document. I know a lot about it and your suffering that you had to endure during it. What can I say Richard that hasn't been said. The overturned C123, Mag 11 killings, A-4 flying into the hanger, air refueling over Hanoi, ect. Thanks for posting these shots. Thanks for your service, tough skin and heart Richard - g. I must come back and look at these in detail again. from Nov 1967 to Nov 1968. God Bless You all. Absolutely Brilliant Gallery. He is my granddad. As everyone knows our families who served really never discussed it, so I am here looking for information also. A wonderful reminder of the sacrifice and high price paid for freedom. Moreover the responses of the hugh number of viewers of your pictures create a vividly humbling multichaptered search for family & history, My father was James Raymond Hammer he died when I was 10 so I really didn't know much about him but I know he was a marine in Vietnam between 1966 and 1969. He was also station at Camp Courtney, Okinawa. Ship Stateside to Fort Louis for rehab. I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father in Vietnam im not sure what year he served. Peace, try some, you might like it. Got my vote - realism and obviously some compassion! ^5 to all those who served. It has been touching to read every one and correspond with so many of you. I am just so thankful that My Father was Blessed to return home safely to us. He did basic in Ft. Leonardwood Mo. Sal Flores, fr. Janet L. Hoover-Steinhauer, This gallery is a superb jewel. i lost my husband, ssgt paul a nelson, 25th inf (wolfhounds) in the tay ninh(sp) province 3-28-69. anyone know him i would love to hear from you. I remember the cool refreshment of a cold 33 beer.I was a part of .F Troop 17th Cav. His name is Ernest Leon Hand, I dont know when he was in Vietnam. Wonderful gallery; glad you posted the shots. We had a hell of a mess in Rvn and agent organge slowly killed us all. When my husband was shipped out of country, his camera and photos disappeared. 1966-1968. My father just pasted away and was put to rest at Arlington. It is a very great joy and blessing to my life, i and my husband have begin childless for 8years now due to my inability for me to give birth and it has resolves to problems everyday in my home,so i visited a female friend in Florida,and she came up with an idea of adopting a child which i never had in mind,and now i got no choice than to apply for a child and to my surprises everything went easily and today i am happy with the Hansom little boy(Wisdom)i adopted from the Inter country child adoption case anyone may need the same help you can E-mail the office directly on Please someone help me. I need closier.Love the site. say how would i go about looking up my husbands battalion to see if someone had set up a site just for his division ?? Emotion, histoire et art réunis dans une gallerie... My father served in Vietnam from March 1968 to 1969. Awesome site: I'm looking for anyone who served at BearCat from october 70 to october 71. Pleiku 1978-68. I AM SO proud to have been married to Ivan for such a long time. He changed my life in all the best ways and is a tribute to all the Corps stands for. Wow, Richard! Ran a switchboard and a scramble phone during this time. The story in each image touches a human chord that only the truly honest expression can share, and you have achieved that here, many, many times over. please just anything, i have been on the net for days and can not find any info he is wanting.....thank you and god bless, my brother served with the 25 in vietnam and was shot march 9 1969 near dock to he spent nine months in vietnam and two years in vally forge hos. I don't know how to get them on the net so if you could explain the steps i would be thankful. We went up to Bon song(? His name is Wesley Smith .does anyone know where I can go to find a picture of him . I was wounded on operation Allen Brook. for the Big Red One. I Corps, 3/5 Cav...attached to 1/5th Mech.Infantry Division, et al...RVN 70-71. i oliver was in nam in 1968 in cu chi and long bing i was one who didnot belive in the war but did my time there and came home but with three holes in my body i am 65 now thank you for this page god blss all the men who was there, Rich, Enjoyed your site; came across it quite by accident off of facebook. Impressive with a capital I!!! Robert. I am asking everyone if they knew my dad, Platoon Sargent Clayton W. Lowery, he served in the 9th infantry. Thank you for your time and any help!! Thank You. Marilyn Johnson 954-401-7729. I am writing in behave of my Husband Allen Sargent,he was in Vietnam 1968/1969 in Tuy Hoa. I am looking for anyone how served in Kontum Vietnam 1967 who may have known my cousin PFC Joseph Frances Dyer, Jr. he was killed by a sniper when he tried to save one of his officer's Baum I think was his name. I am suffering from a multiple of ailments associated with exposure to Agent Orange. Thank you for sharing these powerful images. I have a pin of his which is a purple shield with a gold unicorn on it. was killed may 18th 1968 quan tan uyen province..he was awarded the MOH for his actions that looking for a Rob hudson that served with him and i believe Rob hudson took alot of photos of pete and others in 68'..thanks to him we have some great memories of pete and corky,dave,kerry daniel...i'd love to thank rob hudson for all the great, I am looking for anyone who knew my father, Ronald William Perry. Thank you for sharing these very moving images. The pier bombing and more. While in Nam I was with an 81mm mortal squad. I will visit Vietnam next December for the first time. My name is Roger Miller I was in C1/5 from 11/68-11/69 as a machine gunner. I am searching for Michael Koval, USMC, wounded on on May 13, 1969 just below Hill 190 on "the claw". while in Dong Ha. I am very proud of all the personal who have served our country for the freedom we have now.

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