When Speedtest starts, it automatically chooses a test server nearby with a fast ping time. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Why is my server not visible? Once you have your new connection up and running you may wish to give it a work out and see how it's performing. To simulate an additional latency of 80 ms, just type sudo tc qdisc add dev eth0 root netem delay 80ms It just adds a fixed amount of delay to all packets going out of the local Ethernet. SpeedTest.net Server List Created by Sparanoid , powered by InstantSearch.js How to use it with speedtest-cli : search for the node you need, remember the Server ID … We also highly recommend NetMeter which can be installed on a local machine and used to monitor both bandwidth used and real time data throughput. For a more correct test, use the command like: Once complete, use our helpful code to post your test results on forums, blogs and websites. Speedtest.net Server List. NOTE: The servers are sorted by distance, closest first. Therefore if you are based in the UK select a speedtester with a UK based server. [15:36:55] openhabian@openhab:~$ speedtest -L Closest servers: It's implemented in Python, packaged in Apt, and also available with pip. Test your broadband or internet connection speed with our web-based test. How does server performance monitoring work? How do I fix crossdomain issues? Go to speedtest.net to test your connection. Tele2 Speedtest servers runs a speedtest.net server. It can be an extremely useful tool to help diagnosing speed problems if used with a test file from Thinkbroadband, Once installed we recommend changing the settings to kbps/Mbps The Gitub page also has a full list of the command line options but you can get them using the command. Speedtester that doesn't require Java or Flash. Installation. Recommended testers are marked* The options that you might find useful are –json -output as JSON –server test against a specific server; Below is a screen shot of the command using the default options: In my situation it took a server that is not compatible with the requests send by speedtest app. TestMy.net is easy to use, provides lots … speedtest-cli --help. Network tests will be limited to drive speeds, caches, etc. - BT Performance Test. speedtest.net is an easy to use web-based (Flash) test to test both upload and download speeds as well as latency to any of a long list of servers around the world. Download: 863.48 Mbit/s Testing upload speed.................................................. Upload: 242.25 Mbit/s. Being able to validate your network connection speed puts you in control of your computer. If we want to force the test against a specific server, we first have to generate the list of the available ones: $ speedtest-cli --list [...] 22813) WebFi S.r.l. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. This robust network of servers enables us to ensure that our users get local readings wherever they are on the planet. You can use the –list option to find a list of available servers to run your test against. The following parts of the output will provide the most important information: Speedtest Speedtest is an old favorite. No Flash, No Java, No Websocket, No Bullshit. Detailed speed test analysis. (Modugno, Italy) [315.52 km] 10456) Telecom Italia S.p.A. (Bari, Italy) [320.40 km] 2039) Irpinia Net-Com (Avellino, Italy) [321.58 km] 21306) Wirlab (Avellino, Italy) [321.58 km] 22718) WebFi S.r.l. Serverius speedtest. Advanced-Server.de: Nuremberg (Germany) 355 km: 14.05.2019 03:02:28: 189 Mb/s: … Below is a list of available speed test servers to check your broadband throughput speed. Recommended testers are marked* Be aware that foreign testers will not be as accurate due to distance. Come fare uno speedtest da terminale. Dashboard style speed test - choose the UK Server. Using the Server Tester; I fixed my server, how long until it is enabled? Why is OoklaServer testing failing on my server? At the time of writing this list is pretty extensive with 8829 possible servers. speedtest-cli can be installed with the Pakfire web interface or via the console: このサービスは、日本にあるspeedtest.netで測定に使用するサーバーの場所・名前・URL・回線・実効速度・IPv6対応状況などをまとめたものです。過去にあったサーバーもまとめてあります。一部作成中測定画面※調査に御協力下さい今後のサ Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla For more detailed information regarding installation and configuration, please visit the landing page within our knowledge base for Ookla Hosts.. Review Minimum Requirements Self-hosted Speedtest for HTML5 and more. Because the test is running directly from the server, your upload and download speeds are inverted. This can be the performance test that you want to see as most of the time you are writing files to other hard drives (file servers, etc.). speedtest-cli --server [server ID] speedtest-cli --server 2604. Eseguire gli speedtest tramite il browser, ad esempio tramite i siti web Speedtest.net, Fast.com o SpeedOf.me, è un metodo non sempre affidabile, specialmente con alte velocità. speedtest-cli. Below is a list of available speed test servers to check your broadband throughput speed. Instructions on how to perform a BTw speed test has been moved to its own page: Requires download. The accuracy and high-quality performance of Speedtest is made possible through the 11,000+ servers around the world that host our Speedtest server daemon. This article provides a general overview for setting up an Ookla Host server. - Requires JavaRE   (UK). http://speedtest-tku.dtnet.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://nopeustesti.lounea.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest1.laitilanpuhelin.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speed.vsp.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://sp.suomicom.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://nopeustesti.elmo.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speed.web1.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest2.saunalahti.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.sky.host.co.ug:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest-hki.retn.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest-hki.netplaza.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://lg-hel.fdcservers.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest-hki2.hosting.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.blufvpn.com:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://nopeus.dna.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.extra.telia.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://kiirustest.telia.ee:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.elisa.ee:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speed.fiber.ee:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.stv.ee:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest1.telset.ee:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://ada345-speedtest-1.tele2.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://bwtest.data.ee:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://nopeustesti.sunet.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest1.teknikbyran.com:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://fd.sunet.se:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://ookla-stockholm.a3.se:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest-sto.retn.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://sto-ste-speedtest1.bahnhof.se:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.telenor.se:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://lg-sto.fdcservers.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://se.altushost.com:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://ook-sto-x1.puregig.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.nordu.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.keff.org:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://hgd-speedtest-1.tele2.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtestse.pvdatanet.com:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://sp1.haminetti.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://nopeustesti2.ksvvnet.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.tnnet.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.gavlenet.com:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.mpynet.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.internetport.se:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://svl-frg-speedtest1.bahnhof.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.elevi.ee:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://test1.ilink.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://ookla2.homeip.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.fairyhosting.com:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.fill.ee:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://nopeustesti.kasenet.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speed1.multi.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.srver.eu:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://sp1.king-online.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.84grams.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://ookla-umea.a3.se:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://nopeustesti.blcnet.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://mini1.speedtest.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.lmt.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.garmtech.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest-rix.retn.net:8080/upload.php, http://speedtest.bite.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.netvision.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.livas.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.telenet.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.nano.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.dolphnet.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, KISC - Kultūras informācijas sistēmu centrs, http://speed.3td.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://sp1-lv.deac.eu:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest1.srnet.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://bks-speedtest-1.tele2.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://spt.2cloud.eu:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.cloudhosting.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest1.baltcom.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.vn-tel.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.m4host.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://nopeustesti.kalajoenkuitu.fi:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.xtrim.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speed.ostkom.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://net.elektrons-k.lv:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.gatchina.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.gtn.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://sankt-peterburg2.speedtest.rt.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.spb.ertelecom.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.miran.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.sknt.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://eperf.comfortel.pro:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest-spb.retn.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.pinspb.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.obit.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.gblnet.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest-ookla1.weba.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.smartlife.spb.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://spb-speedtest-srv02.ti.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.jugru.org:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.spb.citytelecom.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.pakt.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest-it.spb.mts.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://spb2.companion.tele2.ru:8080/speedtest/upload.php, http://speedtest.nevalink.net:8080/speedtest/upload.php. In addition to performing a speedtest using the public Ookla service, it is now possible to add support for performing speedtesting to Librespeed servers.. One useful point to note is that in addition to testing against public Librespeed servers,it is also possible to test against your own instance of the Librespeed server. Options > General > Display Units > kbps (not the default kB/Sec), Runs automated speedtests at defined intervals, || Broadband || ISPs || Tech || Routers || Site || Wiki || Forum || This speedtest server is located at the Serverius datacenters, AS50673 and is running on a 10GE connection with 5GB cap. List of servers for testing internet bandwidth using speedtest-cli How to use speedtest-cli chmod +x speedtest.py python speedtest.py [check speedtest without specifying a server] python speedtest.py --server [ID-SERVER] Why is upload testing failing on my server? The following command should show the list: curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py | python - --list | grep -i hivelocity. SpeedTest.net Server List Algolia Pusher. Contribute to sparanoid/speedtest-list-server development by creating an account on GitHub. Free and Open Source Speedtest. This server … Easy setup, examples, configurable, mobile friendly. The number on the left is the ID, which we will need to replace the ##### with. The Speedtest Server Network ™ Our strength is in our hosted servers. Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using speedtest.net 1. Test with IPERF Iperf software and manuals you can find on official home page https://iperf.fr You can find TCP Throughput calculator here. Once you select a server of your choosing, run the test with the below command, this time specifying the desired server ID. Three open source tools that enable you to check your internet and network speeds at the command line are Speedtest, Fast, and iPerf. NetEm (already enabled in the Linux kernel) provides Network Emulation functionality for testing protocols by emulating the properties of wide area networks. Reti. speedtest --server SERVER-ID Using Fast.com. BTw offer a Speed test that will bypass your ISP and test your line direct with BT's servers. TestMy.net Internet Speed Test. Supports PHP, Node, Multiple servers, and more - librespeed/speedtest Here server ID 2604 is used as an example: Hosted by Telstra (Brisbane) [15501.92 km]: 452.614 ms Testing download speed..... Download: 28.79 Mbit/s Testing upload speed..... Upload: 11.71 Mbit/s Our Review of TestMy.net. Using LAN Speed Test with LST Server writes the test file to the server's memory and takes the hard drive out of … Therefore if you are based in the UK select a speedtester with a UK based server. Speedtester from Broadband Speed Test (UK), Test download speed from a list of supplied default servers, Test upload speed to dedicated testing servers, Test Ping, Pkloss & Jitter to/from any applicable URL. This will show a list of servers which we operate. (Molfetta, Italy) [327.15 km] 11114) NovaConn ISP (Nola, Italy) [333.23 km] 10405) Telecom Italia S.p.A. … Emulating wide area network delays with Linux. Where Can I Find Reports of My Server’s Tests? | About | Privacy Policy |, It can be an extremely useful tool to help diagnosing speed problems if used with a test file from, From ThinkBroadband. List Available Speed Test Servers. 4 minuti di lettura. ASN List Top Level Domains Tor relays Speedtest.net servers Speedtest.net servers … Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Speedtest measures the speed between your device and a test server. FAQ. Provider Location Distance Last run Last result No of runs; VCServer Network OHG: Königslutter (Germany) 183 km: 09.01.2019 06:19:26: 198 Mb/s: 50 Mb/s: 44 ms speedtest --list. Aggiornato il 21/03/2021 - Scritto da Matteo. If you start speedtest without selecting a server it grab any server from server list (type speedtest -L to get the list). It’s possible that a server further away has a much faster ping time than a server nearer to your location, so it gets selected. Our second option to perform an internet speed test is using Netflix’s Fast.com. Be aware that foreign testers will not be as accurate due to distance.

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