“It is amazing to see all the exhibitions without any crowds. Disposable sheets are available for passengers free of charge. The aircrafts, surfaces of the aircrafts and all kinds of tools, equipment and goods in the aircrafts are cleaned with water and detergent at least every 8 hours during a day and at the end of the day when the planes are not in use. Single-use prayer rugs are available for passengers in masjids at the General Aviation Terminal. The social distance warning announces are repeated frequently throughout terminal. What steps need by taken if my test results cannot be viewed/retrieved on e-Pulse app? By the end of the first quarter of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had brought international travel to an abrupt halt and significantly impacted the tourism industry. But all said and done, Istanbul is safe for solo female travelers. In Africa, the sec-tor represented 10 per cent of all exports in 2019. “I think COVID-19 will end up being a wake-up call for governments in Africa that tourism is such a crucial part of the economy,” says Swaniker. Contactless soap and towel dispensers are available at WCs. Most museums, including the Topkapi and Dolmabahce palaces, stayed open for tourists over the weekend, and some restaurants in the old city of Sultanahmet secretly opened doors for visitors willing to eat inside. All playgrounds at İGA Lounge are temporarily closed to protect the health and safety of children. Queuing areas at cashier’s desks are provided with floor stickers to maintain the required physical distance. The passengers are carried with 50% capacity at public transport vehicles in accordance with the Ministry of Interior Circular, the seat order has been created according to the social distance order and the relevant warnings are adhered to the seats. Restaurants and shops were closed, but tourists had Istanbul’s streets almost to themselves. Our guests are observed by health units in accordance with the social distance rule along the terminal entrance starting from the parking lot, in case of need, they are subjected to COVID-19 test. Which kinds of measures are taken at the airport entrance for arriving and transfer passengers? For many, the decision to travel to Turkey was triggered by lockdown fatigue. The Organization also reiterates the need for credible commitment to support tourism as a pillar for recovery. Will the hand sanitizers be available in the airport? These wastes are kept in closed manner in the temporary waste storage for at least 72 hours without being combined with others, and then delivered to the municipalities as other waste. And sign up for our weekly Travel Dispatch newsletter to receive expert tips on traveling smarter and inspiration for your next vacation. In case of false statement, the penal sanctions are imposed and the passengers are not accepted to the flight. İGA Meeting Lounge is disinfected at regular intervals. Informational videos about the COVID-19 pandemic, prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, are available. At restrooms, the plexiglass separators have been placed to the urinals and sinks at human height level. “It should be this free and relaxed everywhere. For most visitors, the call to prayer, which echoes through the city five times a day, is likely indistinguishable from the somber funeral prayers that are broadcast all too often as the pandemic has raged in recent weeks. The tables and chairs are cleaned at certain intervals as well as they are also disinfected with cleaners containing at least 70% alcohol after each use. The hand sanitizer machines have been placed to various points throughout terminal. are served in disposable packaging. Do I have to pay in cash or by credit card? The pandemic help desks containing quarantine rooms have been created inside of the terminal building. The first death due to COVID-19 in the country occurred on 15 March. The city’s strict weekend curfew doesn’t apply to foreign visitors, who are free to roam the city, even as Turkey’s Covid-19 cases spike. Passengers must wear a mask both in the terminal and on board. “I feel safe because I have antibodies,” said Bagrta Kalachinov, a 36-year-old visitor from Moscow. Hence, only a limited number of persons will be allowed to enter the stores, depending on the size of each store. No products are sold in the open display areas of restaurants or cafes. Passengers and visitors not wearing a mask will be denied both access to the terminal and boarding to protect public health. New Covid-19 guidelines in PDF format are available below for download: Seychelles Visitor Travel Advisory -12th November 2020. The elevators, escalators-travellators and all closed areas are disinfected periodically, the passenger bridges are disinfected after each flight and the electrical vehicles, trolley, wheelchairs and all kinds of wheeled vehicles are disinfected after each use. The cabin baggage is not accepted during the flight, the properties are limited with laptops, hand bag, briefcase and baby properties and the passengers are directed to give other properties during check-in. A temperature check with thermal cameras is applied to all passengers and personnel at the İGA Lounge entrance. Turkish essential workers were allowed to proceed, as were tourists. On way back I must show negative COVID-19 PCR test to Bulgarian Border Control to avoid 14-days quarantine on arrival. Cups, napkins and spices are single use. It is paid attention that the children are under supervision of the adult. “It’s certainly a unique experience to have a city to yourself,” said Marc Heroux, a 48-year-old French financial analyst, who spent the day exploring museums with a friend visiting from Germany. Passengers are reminded to pay attention to the rules for social distancing, mask-wearing, hygiene, etc. The body temperature of all passengers accessing the General Aviation Terminal is checked with a thermometer. The passenger without mask are not taken to the terminal, our guests who don’t accept to use mask are not accepted to the terminal building and aircraft. Hand sanitizers are provided at several locations within the hall. “We felt like animals locked in a cage for too long and we wanted to escape and see a new place with different energy and culture.”. The Turkish government is, as a result, rapidly easing restrictions. Each Sleepod has an individual storage space in the bottom part of the cabin where passengers can store their hand luggage and personal items. Health screening and temperature checks are carried out at airports and anybody found to have COVID-19 symptoms is taken to a medical facility for testing. As instructed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, testing is applied only to departing passengers upon presentation of their flight ticket and passport. This barcode is used to track and follow-up the test registration, test run and result delivery procedures. Which place and which phone number should I contact for details and questions when the Health of Ministry, General Directorate of Public Health and Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Health cannot be reached? All seating areas in the General Aviation Terminal have been rearranged in accordance with social distancing rules. The relevant personnel follow up whether the passengers walk according to the social distance or not. Our guest’s baggages are disinfected at terminal entrance and the disinfected baggages are labelled. COVID-19 Measures in the Terminal Area Passengers must wear a mask both in the terminal and on board. are disinfected thoroughly after each use. The İGA Hygiene Team is on duty 24/7 to ensure that passengers follow social distancing rules. Test results are issued in Turkish and English. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at certain locations in Sleepod areas. The floors of passenger buses operated by ground handling services are marked with social distancing tape for safe passenger transport from the aircraft to the terminal and vice versa. The following resources are provided to help Australia’s tourism businesses operate in this difficult environment and better understand the challenges ahead. Our guests can enter to the terminal by stepping on special disinfected mat. The packaged products have been increased instead of open buffet. How the cleaning and ventilation are done in the airport under Covid-19 measures? All passengers traveling to Germany from Istanbul Airport are required to show a negative PCR test result obtained within the last 48 hours. Food tasting and make-up testers have been suspended for reasons of personal health and safety. Looking out at the silhouette of the old city’s minarets from the top of the Galata Tower, Ms. Kalachinov’s husband, Denis, said he felt safer in Turkey than at home in Russia, where few people wear masks and all businesses are open as usual. ... but on the other hand, it’s pretty liberal and its citizens know that tourism is important to Istanbul and Turkey as a whole. Personal protective equipment vending machines are available within the terminal. Passengers are required to get an individual barcode number after sampling. The ECAC (single point security) application used by our guests who transfer from Europe to European countries has been cancelled during pandemic. All the museums, sports facilities, pools and cultural centers operating under the municipality would close their doors from Nov. 19, the Istanbul municipality announced in a written statement. Turkey claims to have one of Europe's lowest Covid-19 mortality rates. All common use areas at İGA Lounge such as showers, meeting rooms, seating groups, lounge chairs, etc. All service points are disinfected at regular intervals. If PCR testing is available for only persons who have a flight, does this mean that passengers with a domestic flight can also get tested? The magazines, brochures and printed publications put into seat pocket have been removed. Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu inspects preparations of food aid which will be delivered to people in need amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Istanbul, Turkey, April 3, 2020. COVID-19 news updates Support wanes for Go To Travel campaign as coronavirus continues to spread Captured history: A collection of milestones in early images of Japan Informative visuals and stickers have been placed at various points within the terminal to remind passengers to maintain social distance. Passengers can maintain social distance from other passengers and ensure safe access to their airplane by paying attention to this tape. Contactless security measures are applied at security checkpoints to ensure passenger safety. COVID-19 UPDATE. The disposable materials have been placed in order to prevent contacting with a finger to the kiosk and touch screens. available in common spaces are put into use in accordance with social distancing rules. In accordance with the social distance rule, the warning images have been placed before security checkpoints at tailing zone. You can access the current flight schedule of Turkish Airlines on this page and check out our flight network. “Life is too short to stay at home for another year,” said Ana Nicolas, a 53-year-old Spanish tourist, who was visiting from Madrid, which is under a nationwide curfew and state of emergency scheduled to last until early May 2021. However, most likely I must have an airline ticket to be allowed to enter the airport terminal. The country’s tourism sector is poised to shrink by 70 percent this year, bringing in 15 million visitors and more than $11 billion in revenue, a steep drop from the 45 million visitors and $35 billion in revenue in 2019, according to statistics from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Personal distance and isolation at payment points are ensured by shields placed between passengers and payment assistants. In order to prevent affecting adversely from capacity decrease, the public transport trips are organized according to the flight timetable. FILE PHOTO: A man walks along the deserted Istiklal Street during a two-day curfew amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Istanbul, Turkey, May 31, 2020. Passengers making use of the İGA Meet & Greet service are provided with a personal hygiene kit (mask, gloves, hand sanitizing gel and COVID-19 information notice). Hotels also offered indoor and outdoor dining for visitors. This is at the sole discretion of the airline company. Which kinds of measures are taken for food and beverage areas under coronavirus measures? The flight and cabin crew use appropriate personal protective equipment. The country’s tourism sector is … Please be advised to contact the representation office and airline companies of the relevant countries. In case of giving alarm when the passenger or personnel pass through Door Type Metal Detector (DTMD) at terminal and sterilized lounge entrances, they pass through DTMD for second time and if give alarm again, the passenger or personnel are searched with Hand Type Metal Detector. As the world is facing an unprecedented global health, social and economic emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and tourism is among the most affected sectors with airplanes on the ground, hotels closed and travel restrictions put in place in virtually all countries around the world. In food and beverage courts, the table layout appropriate for social distance are organized in the manner that the distance between the tables will be 2 meters. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Which kinds of measures are taken at the airport entrance for the departing passenger? Only passengers and persons whose accompaniment is essential are granted access to the terminal. The ground handling companies affiliated to the airlines disinfect the passenger buses after each trip. Payments are made by contactless payment methods. Much of Europe is currently under some form of lockdown. Click for details. Foreign tourists posed against the backdrop of the Ortakoy Mosque as the Turkish police stood guard. The occupancy rate on all vehicles is reduced by 50%. 4976 Betten waren belegt, davon 1054 mit Covid-19-Patienten, von denen 631 beatmet wurden. Test results can be viewed on e-Pulse app by entering this barcode and your Turkish ID number. In an unprecedented blow to the tourism sector, the COVID-19 pandemic has cut international tourist arrivals in the first quarter of 2020 to a fraction of what they were a year ago. The entrance area of İGA Lounge is marked with social distancing strips to provide guidance for passengers. All of our personnel receive hygiene and sanitation trainings. COVID-19 is offering important lessons to all nations about the vital role tourism has in the future of the continent, he says. The first case in Turkey was recorded on 11 March, when a local returned home [note 1] from a trip to Europe. As tourism slowly restarts in an increasing number of countries, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has released new data measuring the impact of COVID-19 on the sector. All security checkpoints equipments are disinfected periodically and our personnel working at checkpoints use gloves, mask and face shield within the scope of PPE. Yet the atmosphere and the energy of Istanbul were severely dampened by the weekend curfew, with shuttered restaurants and shops and locals confined to their homes. Buffet service has been discontinued in all food courts. The hand sanitizer machines are made available for our guest at various points at the terminal entrance, security and check-in points, passenger waiting lounges, food- beverage courts, aircraft boarding gates and following routes throughout the terminal. “I’m happy for tourists to visit my country, but when hospitals are full and people are dying, this is not an appropriate time to be adventurous,” said Tulin Polat, 26, who was laid off from her waitressing job because of the new lockdown measures. The Ministry of Health Hotline (184) can be called in case of emergency. Seats on Buggy shuttle service vehicles are arranged in accordance with social distancing rules. The commotion of bustling Istanbul life — the traffic, car horns, fishermen, crisscrossing passenger ferries, clanking construction and pungent smells of street food stands — gave way to a surreal hush, so quiet that the sound of sea gulls and crowing roosters pierced the air.

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